Safeguarding the Wellbeing of Students    

The school board at Kang Chiao International School East China Campus (KCISEC) established the Child Protection Policy (CPP) based on the school’s mission and philosophy. The above serves as the principle for instructing staff and parents on children’s physical and mental health protection, and also on self-protection. In order to ensure all students safety, KCISEC will:

• Distribute this policy annually to all parents.

Will make every effort to implement recruitment practices to ensure the safety of children. In the case that a staff member, either paid or voluntary is reported as an alleged offender, KCISEC will conduct a full investigation following KCISEC Child Protection Incident Management SOP.

• Will provide annual training for all staff.

• Will provide annual training for all high school students.

Child Protection Policy Child Protection Committee Child Protection Training Plan
CODE OF CONDUCTS Parents' Education Reporting Procedures