Welcome to the Language Center!






Welcome to the Language Center!

Our goals at the Language Center are to provide student support in the following categories:

(1) Standardized Test Guidance:

The TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and ACT are some of the standardized tests that students will face when they apply for universities in the future. The Language Center provides guide plans, practice problems and computer-based mock tests for students. Students can take classes of the above test taught by specialized teachers.


(2) Afterschool Program:

The afterschool program provides academic assistance for students. Our services include English reinforcement, English Oral Class, English Dubbing Class, Pre-TOEFL Class and bridging courses. In addition with the above, other services and resources we apply include peer tutoring and one to one tutor.


(3) Australian program:

UniStart, Eynesbury's offshore pathway program allows students to undertake the first part of their studies in China before completing the Eynesbury Foundation Studies Program (FSP) in Adelaide, Australia. Successful graduates of the Eynesbury FSP gain admission to first year degree programs at the University of Adelaide, a member of the Group of Eight, a consortium of Australia's leading universities.

We provide the following services:

(1) Standardized test guidance



(2) English reinforcement and academic guidance

(3) Promoting a fun-learning English environment


  - Spelling Bee contest


  - English Speech contest




Our Team

Faculty Profile:

Liz (Director)

After School Course Group:

Amy (Coordinator)


Mila (Specialist)


Emma (Specialist)


Uraih (Specialist)


Study counseling group:

Mary (Coordinator)


Rachel (Specialist)


Dolly (Specialist)


Teaching Affairs Course Group:

Lily (teacher)


Lina (teacher)


Florence (teacher)


Winnie (teacher)


Ruby (teacher)


Yen (teacher)


Vicky (teacher)


Bella (teacher)


Alisa (Specialist)







• Standardized test guidance, e.g. TOEFL, SAT and ACT




• Afterschool academic guidance




• Peer tutoring




• English summer camp




• English reinforcement





Contact us

Liz Chen(Director)

  • Tel:86-512-82699612
  • Email:liz_chen@kcisec.com

Amy Wang(After School Course Group)

  • Tel:86-512-82699398
  • Email:amy1_wang@kcisec.com

Mary Mei (Study Counseling Group)

  • Tel: 86-512-82699584
  • Email: mary_mei@kcisec.com