School Profile



Kang Chiao is a cross-strait school who has East China and Taipei campus. Taipei Campus, Kang Chiao Bilingual School, has been the well-known private school since 2002. In 2013, 92% of our graduates got accepted by America Top 100 universities and in 48% of them were accepted by Top 100 universities in the world. These remarkable acceptance rates prove the accomplishment of Kang Chiao bilingual approaches.

East China Campus, Kang Chiao International School, was formally introduced to Mainland China by the invitation of the People’s Government of Kuanshan in 2012. We opened a new school of 15 years education which aims to provide a culturally stimulating environment for students in China. In East China Campus, we invested a total of 500 million yuan in an area of 215 acres. The newly founded school opened its door to students from kindergarten, primary, junior and senior high school on September 2014.


School Facilities

Digitalized teaching and learning environment

The digitalized teaching and learning environment makes Kang Chiao remarkable from the other schools. Having a free access to the Internet in our teaching building and library allows students to get the further information immediately beyond the classroom. Each student will use their own iPad as a personal computer, they can search the Information on line, do their homework and present a class report. For our teachers, we give a laptop to facilitate their working process. Of course, some improper websites will be forbidden by our IT department.


The mission of the Kang Chiao Library is to prepare students for life long learning by providing resources to support the curriculum, teaching information literacy skills and offering books, magazines, and newspapers in Chinese and English that encourage biligual reading. Around 200 students from different ages find their perfect corner to read alone, to discuss with friends, to search the necessary information, even to write an essay at the same time.

Science Labs

The Kang Chiao science laboratories provide a safe place where students can discover and experiment the scientific knowledge. All our science laboratories in chemistry, physics, biology and science are designed according to the Chinese national laboratory safety law. In these science laboratories, we aim to train student's the scientific knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary to engage with science outside of the classroom and beyond high school, but also to afford flexibility to allow interested students to explore a particular scientific discipline more deeply.

Performing Arts Center

Located on the 4th floor of Library, Performing Arts Center is a perfect multi-function space where is intended for use by various purposes including speech, chorus, dance, music and theatre. Students may develop their humane and artistic qualities and demonstrate their talent and skill. During a special event, the state-of-art staging equipment ensures a pleasing environment for 700 audiences. Performing Art Center is a valuable resource that provides the opportunities for cultural expression and awareness.

Sports Stadium

Kang Chiao has state-of-art sports facilities to encourage physical fitness and provide recreational activities for the students. For those who are used to play a team sport, we have one football field, four basketball courts, two valley ball and badminton courts; we provide also one putting area, two high long runway and one high jump runway for single player. What is more, on the rooftop of teaching building, there is a golf course to train our future golf player. We also have 400 meters who is an ideal place for a common sprinting event in track and field competitions.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is for everyone within the school community and we have activities for all ages and abilities. An eight-lane swimming pool (25mx20mx1.3m) heated all year around is provided along with professional coaches and well-designed swimming courses, they are friendly and encouraging toward our student. We also use an automatical system that assesses and filters continually the quality of water for keeping it safe and minimizing any possibility of causing health problems.


The Cafeteria covers a large area of 1000 m2 and offers a great place to relax, meet with friends, have a chat whilst enjoying the healthy meal. We are pround to provide a wide range of healthy food alternatives for students and provide education about making healthy food choices. We introduce a large variety of salads, drinks, healthy gourmet sandwiches as a daily hot meal made fresh in our onsite Kitchen.

Residence Hall

Kang Chiao aims to create a safe, comfortable, independent but social environment for our students in their relaxing time. In the safe way, from the construction materials to the building design, we align with the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China. Inside of the residence hall, there are a study center with 25 seats, student lounge, kitchenette, laundry machines and lavatory on the each floor. In each private room, everyone has his own shelve, wardrobe, desk and chair. but shares a shower. Four students live together in a room, this experience allows them to know people from different origins and cultures.