Primary School (G1-G6)



In addition to the vision, mission and goals of KCIS, Character, Bilingualism, Critical Thinking, and Performance have been identified as most relevant to children in the Elementary School. The achievement of these outcomes by all students is the goal that core curriculum subjects should facilitate.

The core curriculum subjects, their content, and the teaching, learning and assessment strategies are the means to achieve the outcomes of Character, Bilingualism, Critical Thinking and Performance. Students’ achievement of outcomes builds a foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are the platform for success within society.

KCIS has high aspirations for its students: that they develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practice and attitudes necessary to become 21st Century citizens who not only participate in, but who also shape the future; that they become international leaders.

The curriculum of the International Department encompasses these high aspirations and consists of three components: Language Arts, Projects and Assignments and English Village.


Through its text selection, the KCIS Elementary school Language Arts Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards are a common set of literacy standards used to guide assessment and instruction in most States in the United States.

Everyday transactions across the components of Language Arts, Projects and Assignments and English Village expedite students’ improvement and achievements in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and language. These four skills are strongly inter-related: no single skill can be taught in isolation. These are also closely interwoven: they emerge simultaneously in any one activity. The content and expectations of these four skills include:

  • Culture
    English Village
    Formal Lunch
    Festival Appreciation
  • Reading
    Reading Comprehension
    Reading Strategies
    Phonics & Spelling
    Literary Appreciation
  • Communication
    Communicative Confidence
    Critical Listening
    Appropriate Response
    Presentation of knowledge & ideas
  • Writing
    Writing Purposes/ Text Types
    Competent Expression
  • Language
    Knowledge of Language

Curriculum Features